For exhausted parents who just want to know what works.

We got married in March 2015 and had planned to hold off having kids for a while so we could save some money, buy a house, and enjoy just us, but God had different plans.

December 2016 we got an early Christmas present with news that Amanda was expecting, and in August 2017 our Son Aidan was born.

Like many others, it was stressful trying to find where to start as parents, and spent many nights searching Google and Youtube to find out how to do anything and everything. 

So, after months of learning, trying, failing, and growing as new parents, we decided to create Parent Pacifier to help others just like us.

Although we're far from experts, we strive to help new moms and dads with quick tips, to-the-point product reviews, and stories from us and other's further along in the parenting journey.