Getting Out The Door With Kids Stress-Free Tips


In this video, our friends Rob & Kate give 5 "Getting out the door with kids Stress-Free Tips" Check out our FREE Diaper Bag Checklist

About this video: With 4 kids under 4, Rob & Kate are the experts on getting the family ready and out the door. The following are their morning routine tips and hacks to help you get your kids out the door on time and stress-free. You will also find click or tappable links to take you to that point in the video.

  • 1. 01:51 Prep all clothes ahead of time
  • 2. 02:22 Have all bags packed
  • 3. 02:48 Have a designated prep area
  • 4. 03:13 Get yourself ready first
  • 5. 03:42 Be realistic about time
  • BONUS: 04:28 Take showers and baths the night before

🚼 Q4U: What is your biggest struggle getting ready and out the door in the morning?👇👇👇

Topics covered in this video: Getting out the door with kids in the morning, mom morning routine with kids 2018, Being on-time with kids, preparing the night before.