Baby Breath Holding Spell

In this video, our friends Dave and Julie share their story of dealing with their daughters baby breath holding spell and they give some suggestions on how to be prepared.

Resource for Baby Breath Holding Spellshttp://www.childneurologyfoundation.o...

Quick Skip:

  • 00:42 - Start of the story
  • 03:05 - When the first breath holding spell took place
  • 06:35 - If you think your child has Breath Holding Spells
  • 07:42 - Frustrations parents can experience during an unexpected baby breath holding spell
  • 08:34 - The good news
  • 08:46 - Tips for dealing with baby breath holding spells
  • 09:37 - When it is more prone for a baby breath holding spell to happen
  • 10:25 - How to be prepared for a baby breath holding spell
  • 11:17 - Tip for preparing for an unexpected trip to the E.R.
  • 14:00 - Tip about caretakers

About this video: Dave and Julie share their scary story of their daughters breath holding spells. They tell when it first happened, how they reacted, what it was like at the hospital and dealing with it reoccurring. They give great tips and suggestions for parents who may experience the same.

🚼 Q4U: Have you ever experienced a baby breath holding spell before?👇👇👇 

Topics covered in this video: Infant and baby breath holding syndrome, baby holding breath and passing out, and what to do when your baby passes out while crying.

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