Amazon Prime Day 2018 What You Need To Know

In this video, Dan talks Amazon Prime Day 2018 What you need to know & how to be prepared to get the best deals on baby products.

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Amazon Prime Day 2018 starts Monday July 16th at 3pm EST and runs through Tuesday July 17th.

Quick Skip:

  • 00:50 - What is Amazon Prime Day?
  • 01:38 - What are the Amazon Prime Day Deals?
  • 02:54 - New for this year's Amazon Prime Day?
  • 03:22 - How to prepare for Amazon Prime Day Deals?
  • 04:48 - How to set up Personalized notifications on the Amazon App?

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🚼 Q4U: What items are you looking for on Prime Day this year?👇👇👇

Topics covered in this video: How to set up Amazon price drop alerts and lightning deal notifications, Amazon Prime Day 2018, Baby deals

About this video: It's very easy to miss great deal on Prime Day, this video will help you make a plan, check the competition, and make sure you get the baby products your looking for. Like a Car Seat 😉

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