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Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced vs Original

In this video, we compare the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced vs Original Formula Pro.

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About this video: If you're expecting or have a newborn, getting your formula mixed and warm can become a tedious hassle. The Formula Pro is a great tool to help get a bottle ready quick and effortlessly. Baby Brezza just came out with the lasted upgrade to the original with the Formula Pro ADVANCED and sent us one to compare it to the popular original. We share how they are the same and where the Advanced has improved. We also invited our friend Kate who relied on the Original every day for the last year to give her first impressions on the Advanced.

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Quick Skip:

  • 00:47 - The benefits of a Formula Pro
  • 01:19 - How the Advanced and Original are the same
  • 01:46 - 4 areas the Advanced has improved
  • 02:04 - Design
  • 02:25 - Speed
  • 03:06 - Ounce and temp. customization
  • 03:43 - Sound level
  • 04:24 - Kates first impressions
  • 05:51 - Who is it best for?

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Topics covered in this video: Baby Brezza Formula Pro comparison, new vs old, is the advanced better than the original?, who is the Formula Pro Advanced best for?, speed of the advanced.

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