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How To Use NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator

In this video, Dan demonstrates how to use NoseFrida nasal aspirator.

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10 tips to help your congested baby:

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About this video: A demonstration of how to use the NoseFrida and why it's worth having around. Almost every expecting parent finds the NoseFriday to be disgusting at first, us included. We received this nasal aspirator as a baby shower gift and had zero desire to use it, until there was a night of no sleep with our congested crying 4 month old. With little choices left at 3am we broke open the box and went for it. All we can say now is, it's our go-to nose cleaning tool for our son.

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Topics covered in this video: How to use the nosefrida nasal aspiration on an infant, how to clear a baby's nose, is the nosefrida worth it?, the Nosefrida is gross but helps a congested baby breathe, using saline spray on a baby.

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