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How To Prevent Your Dog From Biting Your Child

In this video, Dr Alex from Our Pets Health shares How To Prevent Your Dog From Biting Your Child.

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How To Prepare Your Pet For Your New Baby:

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  • 02:00 - Tip 1 Socialize Your Dog

  • 03:36 - Tip 2 Dog Body Language

  • 05:41 - Tip 3 Active Supervision

  • 06:28 - Tip 4 Teach Your Child To Be Gentle

  • 7:05 - Tip 5 Respectful Around Food

  • 07:45 - Tip 6 Always Give an Escape Route

About this video: Dr. Alex from Our Pets Health gives us 6 Steps for how to prevent your do from biting you child or baby. Whether you want to prevent biting or you currently need your dog to stop biting your child, this video can be helpful for you.

🚼 Q4U: What are your biggest concerns about your dog biting your child? or are you already having biting issues?👇👇👇

Topics covered in this video: How to train your dog to not bite your child, how to supervise you baby with your dog, how to stop a dog from biting a child, how to prevent dog bites.

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