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How To Prepare Your Dog Or Cat For Your New Baby

In this video, Dr Alex from Our Pets health shows us How To Prepare Your Dog Or Cat For Your New Baby.

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About this video: Dr. Alex from Our Pets Health gives us 7 Strategies for preparing your Dog or Cat for when you bring your new baby home. Do the the high levels of stress a newborn can cause in a pet, Dr. Alex share everything you can do to prepare for the day you dog or cat meets your baby.

Quick Skip:

  • 01:43 - Strategy 1 - Get them used to the sounds of babies
  • 02:59 - Strategy 2 - Get furniture up early
  • 03:45 - Strategy 3 - Give them attention when baby is present
  • 04:36 - Strategy 4 - Have a safe "pet only" space
  • 05:45 - Strategy 5 - Spend time with your pet
  • 06:46 - Strategy 6 - Teach your child as the grow how to behave around your pet
  • 07:53 - Strategy 7 - Use additional aids if necessary

🚼 Q4U: What pet do you have? What concerns you the most about introducing them to your new baby?👇👇👇

Topics covered in this video: How to prepare your Dog for a new baby, How to prepare your cat for a new baby, pet and new baby interaction, reduce stress levels in your pet.

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